Dal Nice is a beauty company that is well established and boasts of over 100 outlets worldwide. It is registered with the Beauty Products Regulations Committee, and all the products are certified and approved. Dal Nice deals with everything from beauty creams, to body oils, perfumes, beauty soaps, makeup, artificial hairs and wigs. These are proved to be consumer-friendly and produce optimum results within a considerable amount of time.

Casino CanadaDal Nice Canada was founded in the year 2001, by Miss Fortune Favour from the Netherlands and has a lot of characteristics of the Dutch. She was a literature student by then, but she decided to explore and do her best. She had more than could be achieved through mere training. She had a passion for beauty products, and a potential to do great exploits.

Miss Fortune discovered her real potential when she won the Miss Dutch Awards in the national beauty contest of 1999 in the Netherlands. The following year, she was crowned the European Queen of Beauty by the Make Beauty Products Awards. That was when she finally decided to venture full-time into the beauty industry.

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Dal Nice Canada was founded when Miss Fortune was in her final year at Varsity, and her campus friends were her first clients. She started sourcing for luxury perfumes and selling them to her colleagues, and in the process, she discovered more.

Miss Fortune went ahead to introduce other beauty products to her stock. Things were flying off the stock at a very high rate and the need for an office was soon bare. Being a student, she needed to save every cent made out of the sales, and so she used her apartment as an office.

After three solid months of operating from her office, Miss Fortune won a lottery at the Canada Pick a Box or Money Contest. The lottery money she won was her breakthrough towards owning Dal Nice Canada Plaza. She divided the plaza into different units for different beauty products.

Miss Fortune then took a second degree in Makeup Science and used her expertise to improve her business. She started producing her own beauty products in small scale, and before long, she had a flowing fleet of customers.

The Dal Nice Canada beauty products became very famous and popular because of the high-quality standards they adhered to. Everyone praised the beauty products, and their fame crossed the borders of Canada. After almost one year, people started importing the products, and that was the driving force behind the idea to diversify. We recommend the No Account Casino’s and De beste online casino’s.

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Dal Nice has expanded to several countries over the years, now purely selling their own brand. Name any latest trend in the beauty company, and you’ll find it at Dal Nice. From nail polish, to eye makeup to perfume; Dal Nice has it all.

She has not just kept her success to herself. She mentors many beauties as well and runs Dal Nice Modeling Agency. The models are a plus to the beauty company since they do not have to source for models to market their products from elsewhere.

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What we offer

  • Dal Nice Beauty products, that are processed and packaged by the company
  • Blogging about beauty and addressing the issues of newbies with regards to make up
  • Guides and tutorials on beauty, and makeup for beginners and experts
  • Modeling services by the super professional models from the agency
  • Marketing of beauty products and fashion designs for other companies