Beauty, Brains and Casino Games Book Launch

Beauty, Brains and Casino Games is Miss. Fortune’s latest book, that will be launched on the 21st of August 2019. The book is both an inspirational piece, and the beauty queen’s Autobiography, that has been worked on for the past three years. It is quite detailed in content and beautifully illustrates what it takes to get to where she currently is. For any beauty, whether male or female, who needs some motivation to get started; this is the right book for you.

It takes brains and high levels of understanding for anyone to realize and exploit his or her beauty. Miss. Fortune highlights all the ups and downs that she has gone through in her beauty career and how she handled the situations. Beauty and casino games tend to have nothing much in common. This is why Miss. Fortune has deliberately addressed her casino gaming issue in depth to enlighten beauty queens who feel hopeless at casino gaming Services.

The book launch will be the best place for any aspiring beauty products investor, beauty queen or casino player to get started. Regardless of the path you choose, you can be sure to find mentors and every support you need to be successful.

The event will be graced by a fashion show, where several beauty queen contestants for the previous years’ Miss. Canada awards will perform. There will also be models from Dal Nice Modeling Agency as well as other modeling agencies that have been invited.

You’ll have an opportunity to meet face to face with Europe’s most celebrated actors and actresses, media personalities, politicians as well as casino masters. If you’ve only been seeing them in films and on TV, don’t miss this chance to meet the great people in person.