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A Review on Family Fleet Insurance

What is Family Fleet Insurance?

If your family members own more than one vehicle, you can apply for a family fleet insurance cover. This type of vehicle insurance is cost effective compared to insuring each car. The insurance cover safeguards each vehicle owned by every member of your family using a single insurance cover. You are required to pay annual premiums which reduce the cost of the insurance cover.


Types of Family Fleet Insurance Covers

Third Party Cover
This is the cheapest form of family fleet insurance cover that only makes compensations to the third party involved in an accident caused by your family vehicles.

Although this is an expensive cover, it has an advantage over all the other forms of covers since it compensates all the parties involved in the accident. In addition, the policy covers every risk your family vehicles can be exposed to and makes compensations to the third parties as well.

European Cover
This type of cover is the most appropriate for people who would wish to drive their vehicles while outside their home country.

Breakdown Assistance
This is a kind of insurance cover that supports needy families by providing them with insurance cover offers.


Benefits of a Family Fleet Insurance Cover

Annual Premiumsfamily fleet insurance
Paying for the cover once in a year creates chance to save money

Protects your vehicles
Taking a fleet insurance cover for your family vehicles help you secure your vehicles from various risks such as accident, fire or theft.


Other benefits include
• Helps you save money and time
• The policies can be customized
• Before applying for the cover you receive advice from experts
• The process of claiming compensations is simple
• Has fewer documentations


Thus, if your family owns a fleet of vehicles, this is the cover you need to consider since it is cheap and cover all the vehicles under one policy.