Fleet Tracking Is More Than You Think

When most of you think about fleet tracking, you think about a few myopic yet important things. You think about theft recovery and keeping an eye on drivers. Don’t get use wrong, these are some of the most important reasons for investing your company’s money into a fleet tracking solution but it isn’t the only thing that makes this technology valuable. Some of the best and biggest companies in the world are throwing money into real time data collection. Why are they doing this? They are doing this because they want to know every aspect of their business. They want to know where every penny goes, what customers do when they they interface with theme, where the money is made or loss. As a fleet owner, you also should be looking into these things.

You may not see it but your fleet tracking software is one of the best business analytic tools that you probably have. It s a tool that will give you insight and predictive modeling that will increase your profits, save you money and allow you to cut the fat. Think about how companies like UPS and FedEx use tracking and analytics to stream line the logistics of sending out ground packages. How they track each vehicle and learn how to plot routes for using the least amount of gas and for quickly delivering packages. You can use your software in a similar matter. You can figure out how your drivers use your fleet vehicles and then create a strategy that saves you money and makes things more efficient.

In the future, as tracking technology and on car metrics interface, you will be able to track real time gas tracking vehicleslevels, idle usage and other in car experiences that can cost your company money. Imagine being able to tell a driver or customer to cut the engine and protect the environment! This will save wear, gas and the earth.

You need to get started with this technology and explore all the ways that it can help your business. Start with the basics then figure out all the different ways your company can make use of real time data and tracking. You will see that you will find more uses than you originally thought were possible.

Give us a call, we would love to discuss how companies are using this technology and the best options for your business. We are sure that we can come up with a system and a solution that fits where your business is going and where it already is.

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