We have a passion for taking care of the environment. This is quite evident in how we use organic products in the production and packaging of our beauty products. We try so much to minimize our carbon footprint by using fewer pollutants in our product processing. Our packaging is done in very eco-friendly ways that are equally beautiful and functional. Whenever possible, we use recyclable materials to avoid wastage. In this manner, we ensure environmental conservation at all costs.

Our scope

Dal Nice has beauty products that are intended for different demographics. There are some unisex products, especially perfumes and body lotions. We also have products which are specifically designed for the male gender or the female gender. All age brackets have provisions of beauty products at Dal Nice. We have baby products, teenage products, general products as well as anti-aging products. Beside beauty products, we also have weight loss products, since weight loss is one of the major challenges in the Beauty industry.


We scooped the Most Natural Products Award by the Make Beauty Awards in 2010, after the Best Independent Marketing Agency Award by the same body the previous year. Miss. Fortune took home the award for Canada’s Most Talented Beauty Queen in 2017 by European Queen of Beauty Awards. She has proudly maintained being one of the most glorified beauty queens in Canada, Netherlands and even worldwide.